RJ KANEAO - Recording Artist , Composer , Producer , Engineer , Session Musician (Guitarist)

 A Hawaii-based recording artists, producer and musician and one of Hawaii's best kept secrets for so long. RJ Has worked with almost every top artist and musician in Hawaii and the Pacific. With a recording career spanding over a decade RJ has released four albums as a solo artist the first of which was produced by Grammy award-winning producer and artist Charles Michael Brotman. With the following three being produced entirely by himself in his own recording studio located in beautiful Waikoloa Hawai'i on the big Island of Hawai'i. RJ also attended the very accredited and very prestigious institute "school" (musicians Institute) in the heart of Hollywood California, Then returned to Hawaii to be placed in the job as the lead guitarist for the biggest Polynesian review company in the world tihati production. With them RJ has traveled the globe here there and everywhere across the Pacific and Atlantic performing the music of his polynesian heritage. Being a direct descendent of Hawaiian Royalty RJ is fully aware of his culture, his people and their struggles and has been known to be spiritually gifted in that aspect. In every project he always finds a way to support his true Polynesian upbringing through his art and songwriting. As a producer RJ has produced many upcoming acts that soon became household names in Hawaii and through the Pacific in the genre of Island music as he's the guy that produces those icebreaking tracks radio craved over as he puts his signature sound/production on their music to bring them to a not only radio friendly format but something that grabs a hold of your ears. As a musician RJ is well Wethered and definitely has paid his dues on stage and in the studio as he has learned his craft to an amount Quite noteworthy and prestigious in itself. You can find his guitar work On many songs through the island music genre and the reggae genre on the radio and on the Internet and some chart topping hits. Onstage from the age of four he has definitely honed his craft and continues to learn and grow with the time. He has opened and also graced and shared the stage and studio with some big legendary talents as Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Pat Simmons (Doobie Bothers),Elton John, Elvin Bishop, Tinsley Ellis, a sleuth of the Marley Children, Jonny Lang, Tad Young, Bruno Mars, Don Ho, IZ, Willie K, Fiji, Damon Williams, Kapena, Peter Moon Band, Melveen Leed, J-Boogs, and many many more. He also holds a bunch of some very well established Endorsements, Affiliations and Sponsors from some the biggest music companies in the World...
RJ "Kaye" Kaneao

There are a total of four CD's in the whole published collection of RJ KANEAO.

2001-FLIPSIDE- Available for purchase (Click on RJ KANEAO STORE Tab)

2005-LANUI (Click on RJ KANEAO STORE Tab)

2009-TORU (Soon to be made available on the RJ KANEAO STORE Tab) (available on iTunes)

2011-BEST OF ME (Click on RJ KANEAO STORE Tab) (available on iTunes)

2013-2013- HAWAI'I CALLS TO ME (RE-RECORDED SINGLE) (available on iTunes)


2015- ALOHA AINA (FREE DOWNLOAD "LIMITED TIME" SINGLE) (available on website and EPK)


Soon to be available all on iTunes and various other on-line download venues. RJKANEAOMUSIC.COM store is now open for business. Mahalo Admin@rjkaneaomusic.com